Airbrushed Hood on Custom Firebird

Airbrush Used: Iwata HP-BCS

Paint: House of Kolor

How long it took me:

-30 min. initial meeting with the customer to discuss the design and take a picture of the car.
-2 hr’s drawing/designing in Corel Draw.
-1 hr. Showed customer the design, got the deposit, removed the hood
-5 hr’s actual work time. Sanding, projecting, cutting, painting etc.

Total – 8 hrs. 30 min.

How much it cost me to do it:

Materials – $36.00
(Masking, sand paper, paint, reducer etc.)
Clearcoat- $0
(Customer is taking care of this.)

What I would charge to do it:

Labor – $425.00
(This was a “side job”, wasn’t renting a shop at the moment, did it out of the driveway.
charged $50/hr labor. $50 x 8.5 hrs. = $425.00)

Equipment – $46.00
(Parts and maintenance for airbrushes, compressor etc. Charge minimum 10% of Material + Labor.)
Overhead – $46.00
(Rent Utilities. Charge minimum 10% of Material + Labor.)
Misc. – $0

Total=  $553.00