Digital Design with Corel Draw


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Title: Digital Design with Corel Draw
Author: Sid Vicious of
Format: Adobe PDF Ebook
Length: 38 Pages
Screenshots: 53
Corel Draw Version: 12

In this book you will learn…

-How to use the Freehand Tool
-How to use the Pick Tool
-How to use the Shape Tool
-Creating and modifying Nodes
-Changing straight lines to Curves
-How to digitally trace a vehicle
-Solid fills with color swatches
-Creating multi-color gradient fills with the fountain fill dialog
-Using “Order” to arrange objects
-Creating a two-tone paint job
-Adding new rims and creating a “tucked” look
-Creating digital graphics that can be used over and over

Sample pages from the book…

Page 7

Page 15

Page 28

5 thoughts on “Digital Design with Corel Draw

    • Almost done borne. Shooting for the middle of April at the latest. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. If you’ve been wanting to do graphics or digital design with Corel Draw, this book is going to walk you through it step, by step, by step. And it’s packed full of screen shots.

  1. Wow am I the first official comment to buy? Awesome. Great book man, hard to find corel draw stuff. This is a great help for getting bigger and better jobs. Don’t expect a comission though! hah just kidding Vicious, thanks.

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