Custom Accord Airbrush Graphics

Custom Accord Airbrush Graphics

Airbrush Used: Iwata HP-CS+

Paint: House of Kolor

How long it took me: 17 hours. I did not do the wetsanding for this job, just the graphics. 1st day was all masking. 2nd day was painting.

How much it cost me to do it:

Materials – $51.00
(Masking, sand paper, paint, reducer etc.)
Clearcoat- $0.00

What I would charge to do it:

Labor – $1275.00
($75.00/hr. )
Equipment –
(Parts and maintenance for airbrushes, compressor etc. Charge a minimum of 10% Labor + Materials.)
Overhead –
(Rent Utilities. Charge a minimum of 10% Labor + Materials.)

Total=  $1590.00

Depending on how busy I am at the time and how bad I want to do it, the price can fluctuate.

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