Custom Airbrushed Corvette

Airbrush Used: Iwata HP-CS+


House of Kolor, Debeers, Matrix 2K Primer and Sealer, HOK UC-35 Clear

How long it took me:

This custom Corvette ended up being at the shop for 5 weeks total. I was the only person working on it and there were other jobs in between here and there. The paint and bodywork took the majority of the time, about 3 1/2 weeks straight. The actual airbrushing part of it, 2 full days.

Total Hours: 190

How much it cost me to do it:

Materials – $490
(Masking, sand paper, primer, sealer, paint, clear, reducer, fiberglass etc.)

What I would charge to do it:

Labor – $4750
Equipment – $525.00
(Parts and maintenance for airbrushes, compressor etc. Charge minimum 10% of Material + Labor.)

Overhead – $525.00
(Rent Utilities.
Charge minimum 10% of Material + Labor.)

Total=  $6290.00


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