John’s Bike – 1993 Honda Shadow

-Day 1-

Dissesembled in record time and ready to start the prep work.

 Honda Shadow

-Day 2-

Decals removed, parts sanded, ready for black base.

honda shadow 2

-Day 3-

Back in black and ready for artwork. The fun starts tommorrow.

Honda Shadow3

-Day 4-

Not enough hours in the day. Masking in place, ready to spray the background.

Honda Shadow4

-Day 5-

Not a very productive day, working outside, had to stop several times due to rain. Got an awning setup and finally got some work done on the rear fender. It’s gonna look great with the barbed wire.

Honda Shadow5

-Day 6-

Made some progress on the front fender and tank over the weekend. Also added the S&W logo to the bull skull.

honda shadow6


-Day 7-


honda shadow7







-Day 8-

Guns today…barbed wire tommorrow!

honda shadow8








-Day 9-

Fenders are finished! Final details on tank tommorrow, then off to clear.



-Day 10-

Done! See finished pics in the Auto Art and Airbrushing section.


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