Louise’s Electric Blue Skull and Flames Airbrushed Honda Shadow

Louise’s Electric Blue  Honda Shadow Airbrush Skull and Airbrush Flames

1.) The owner’s bike has recently been repainted so the paint is in great shape.  There are already light silver flames airbrushed on the tank and rear fender but nothing on the front fender. She would like to add a cool looking skull to the front fender and also some flames that will match the rest of the bike. Let’s do it!

2.) Using a reference pic from Google Images of a human skull, I create a sketch of how I want the skull to look.  I incorporate the  flames by adding a flame lick coming out his mouth and one coming out of his eye socket. To transfer this  sketch to the fender, I’m going to apply  some low tack transfer tape to a piece of copy and then send it through the printer so my skull drawing prints right on the transfer tape. I ‘ll then be able to remove the transfer tape from the copy paper and apply it directly to the fender. Once it’s on the fender, I can cut it out using an Xacto Knife with a brand new blade.

3.) Not much action in this pic, grass is lookin pretty green, could be a bit thicker though.  The fender was washed, wet sanded with 600 grit sandpaper, rinsed and dried thoroughly. This is how you want your parts to look after you wet sand them. A nice even dull finish everywhere. Compare this pic to the first pic above.

4.) And there ya go, all done! It’s that simple. I woke up the next morning and the fender was finished…what a relief!

Sorry for the lack of pics on this one, had to get it done fast and neglected to get pics along the way.  After I had the transfer tape with the printed sketch applied to the fender. I cut out the eyes, mouth and nose first (saving the cut out pieces), sprayed them black and then covered them back up. Cut out the skull and teeth next (saving the cut out pieces), leaving the flame parts still masked. I used white base coat to airbrush/detail the skull and teeth. I add texture to the skull by spraying small cracks, dots and jagged lines.

After I’m satisfied with the white, I switch to a Kandy Purple/Black mixture and use it very sparingly to add some more depth to the skull. It does not take much, I use it to push the jaw back under the cheek bones and on the sides of the eye sockets to give some shape to the head. I then switch to Oriental Blue Kandy to finish shading the skull. I’m not adding any new detail with Blue Kandy, just shading and going over what I already have.

Once the skull is done, back mask it and unmask the flame licks. I use blue fine line tape to layout some semi abstract/classic flames and spray them with a light silver metallic.

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