How to Paint a Utility or ATV Trailer

1.) Freshly built ATV/Utility trailer ready for a paint job. Yes that is a sandblast trailer you see in the background and yes we are going to sandblast this bad boy. I remove the wheels, mask off the hubs and we’re ready to start shooting. This is going to be a quick tutorial.

2.) An hour later. Sandblasting really takes all the fun out of prep work. You blast it, you blow it off, that’s it…ready for paint. No bondo, no blockĀ  sanding and a lot less profanity.

I move the trailer into the booth and set it up on some steel jack stands. Blow it all off with an air gun then hit it with a good direct to metal 2K Epoxy Primer. After the primer dries, I apply 3M seam sealer to all the seams and joints. This is not necessary but it’s a nice touch and makes for a better finished product.

3.) It’s a good rule of thumb to always check with the owner to see what color they want their trailer painted. Otherwise you may end up painting it black when it’s really supposed to be red. That can happen sometimes and it may or may not have happened with this very trailer…we’ll never know for sure so just drop it.

After primer and seam sealer, I hit it with 3 coats of Valspar LIC 40 Single Stage industrial paint. I’ve had great success with this paint. Easy to apply, looks great and very durable. I used a pressure pot and gun to paint this trailer. It was perfect for this job as I could crawl right under the trailer and shoot with the gun at any orientation without having to worry about spilling paint. Plus the gun is very light.

After everything was said and done, put the wheels back on and then used the trailer to haul me and my tools to a new job interview since i got fired for painting this the wrong color. Can I borrow some money?

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